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My name is Mary Bellamy I am a professional licensed artist working on such properties as My Little Pony, Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time and more. This page serves both as a portfolio site and a site detailing my own girls entertainment branding. I've worked nearly 20 years in licensed artwork, illustration, comics and other entertainment media. I saw the need for more girl-centric properties that inspires girls, teens and women through products that do not rely on the standard marketing norms like princesses and sparkles. I decided to start publishing my own series of graphic novels and have sold and promoted them at shows like San Diego Comic Con since 2009. I've worked with various groups such as Womanthology, Girls Drawin' Girls and the Girl Scouts because I truly believe in bringing diversity into the field.

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Zorilita Updates and News!
Chthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos is live! I've got a fun little story that continues where the first story left off about Cthulhu finding his place in the world along with several other amazing stories by famous folks like Ray-Anthony Height! Come be a part of the Kickstarter and get cool rewards including Ah Heck!! prints, free comics and more!

Ah Heck!! Is in the News! Press Telegram Article. Atomic Basement Comics! Jan 18!
Ah Heck!! Is now for sale over at my friend's new comic shop Atomic Basement Comics and was photographed over at a sneak peek at the shop by the Long Beach Press Telegram! I will be doing a My Little Pony Signing and Free Comic Book Day Event whenever it will be rescheduled due to Covid 19.

We did it! We've been chosen to exhibit for our 12th official year at San Diego Comic Con!
We've done it! We'll be back at San Diego Comic Con 202!! I'll have a new volume of Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!, new enamel pins and more! We're rapidly selling out of our Zorilita Guardians Honey dolls, My Little Pony prints and more. Hope to see you all there.

You can now borrow the Zorilita -Mary Bellamy series Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange! and Ah Heck!! at the Escondido Library!

Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles Omnibus Edition is Here!
I have been working on various big name licened artist trading card sets with Cryptozoic, 5finity and Perna Studios. I've done DC Bombshells III, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty Seasons 2 and 3, Vampirella with 5finity and the Cryptid set with Perna Studios.

Introducing brand new, professionally manufactered merchandise!
After a few successful Kickstarters we've now been able to create brand new merchandise for your bags, books and more! While hand made items are still available we think you'll love these new high quality hard enamel pins and super durable vinyl stickers and sticker sheets.

Zorilita and Ah Heck!! make the list of top 10 coolest indie toys over on Syfy!
How cool is that?! You can read the article here And if you want one for your very own time is running out! There are less than 50 dolls left in existance! Check out my store if you want to adopt one of your very own!

Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles Omnibus Edition is Here!
The old 3 volume version is being discontinued. I will sell out of the old books and then they will not be reprinted or sold again on Amazon or other sites.


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