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Welcome to the world of Mary Bellamy, a professional licensed artist renowned for her captivating work on beloved properties such as My Little Pony, Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time, and many more. With an impressive career spanning nearly two decades in the realms of licensed artwork, illustration, comics, and other entertainment media, Mary's portfolio site not only showcases her exceptional talents but also unveils her passion for creating girls-centric properties that break free from traditional marketing norms. Since 2009, she has been proudly selling and promoting her creations at renowned events like San Diego Comic Con. Collaborating with esteemed groups such as Womanthology, Girls Drawin' Girls, and the Girl Scouts, Mary Bellamy continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment branding.

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Zorilita Updates and News!

We did it! We've been chosen to exhibit for our 15th official year at San Diego Comic Con!
We'll be back at San Diego Comic Con 2023! I will have a new volume of Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!, new enamel pins and more! You can also buy my books and exclusives directly from my store here:

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with IDW Publishing
The regular Friendship is Magic comic with IDW may have ended but I have joined the G5 series as a cover artist and not just a retail incentive one. I now do B covers which is super exciting! I am also offering exclusive pins for a convention that ended up being canceled. They will never be made again.
You can find them here:

My Little Pony Adventures in Equestria Tabletop Games and RPG Core Book
I am now a character designer, illustrator and artist for the new series of games. These games are now available from Renegade Game Studios. There are some for preorder and a Core RPG book which I designed a cast of characters and many illustrations. You can buy them here.
Renegade Game Studios

Voyage LA Interview! I was interviewed for Voyage La! Check it out here.


You can now borrow the Zorilita -Mary Bellamy series Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange! and Ah Heck!! at the Escondido Library!


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