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Hi, my name is Mary Bellamy. I am a professional animator and illustrator. I work with various artist trading card companies. I have worked on over 80 comic book titles, The Drew Carey Green Screen Show, with Titmouse Inc and am currently working freelance for various design projects including my own self-published graphic novels. I was also a member of Girls Drawin' Girls and an editor/contributor for the Womanthology project.

I hope you enjoy your stay at my website. If you need any help navigating my page there is navigation bar immediately under the title that will help you find your way around or you can check my site map for more information. (Employers: Please click here for PORTFOLIO work and RESUME. ) Want to Contact me? Email Me.

Conventions, Publishing and Other Important Zorilita News!

Zorilita - Mary Bellamy
goes to San Diego Comic Con International 2014!

San Diego Comic Con is rapidly approaching.! I look forward to seeing everyone again this year. I have another volume in the ever popular Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange! this year and possibly some new sketchbooks and sketch cards.The Ah Heck!! trilogy is now finished up. I will have charms, dolls and more at my table. And for those that can't make it, you can still buy all my books, dolls and buttons here on my site. And for all my books, you can find them on I have also been asked to do an illustration for the Tikimachine Artbook, Clash of the Classics which you can buy from me and I will autograph it for you.

My very first Varient Cover for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic issue 21 is coming out July 2014!
(The one featured here is the main one, mine is a different character.) Ask your comics retailer for it by asking for the Mary Bellamy variant!

Sketchcards, Comics and more!

I have contributed to several new sketchcard projects in the last year or so and one really awesome top secret cover for a popular comic series that will be posted here when it hits previews.

These are the card sets you can find me on:
Babes of the Dead 5finity
Pitbulls and Pin Ups Galan Sketch Art Productions
Contemporary Pinups Puzzle Jam Galan Sketch Art Productions
Ramrods Body Shop Axebone Studios
Star Wars Galactic Files 2 Topps
Women of Legend DC Comics Cryptozoic Entertainment
Adventure Time Crptozoic Entertainment

Zorilita on the web!

I don't post all of the artwork I create here on my website. If you'd like to follow my sketches, photos and more, you can follow me at my General Tumblr, Art Tumblr, Photo Tumblr. If you'd like to read my tweets you can follow me here or here. If you'd like to follow me on Devart it's here. If you'd like to support Womanthology or Girls Drawin' Girls you can do so here! Thanks for coming to my site!

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