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Artist Biography

Hi! My name is Mary 'Zorilita' Bellamy. I'm a freelance artist working in comics, illustration, sketch cards and an animation assistant. I live out in Los Angeles, CA.

I began working in comics in 1999 with SFA as an inker and a creator/artist for their anthology books. Then moved on to Radio Comix, Antarctic Press, Slave Labor Graphics and IDW Publishing. I've also been a guest artist in various Tokyopop OEL mangas.

In between working in comics I got my start in animation working on the Drew Carey Green Screen Show, animation clean up for Titmouse and as an art directer, designer and animator for The Royal Ladybugs and have pitched several properties for animation, including but not limited to Ah Heck!!, Faux Facts, Cosmic Cupcake, Peaches and Plum etc.

Soon after I decided to revisit my comics background and began to publish my two series, Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange! and Ah Heck!! - The Angel Chronicles and exhibited at San Diego Comic Con. I've been exhibiting there since 2008 (unofficially) and 2009 officially with my own booth.

Later, I moved on to the original sketch card market working on licensed properties like Marvel with Rittenhouse and Upperdeck, DC Comics Women of Legend, DC Villians, Adventure Time, Ghosbutsters, Walking Dead for Cryptozoic Entertainment, Star Trek withRittenhouse Archives, Mars Attacks, UpperDeck Inc, Shi, Lady Death, Josie and the Pussycats, Dean Yeagle's Mandy and many more with 5finity and Deadworld and Transformers with Breygent.

I then moved on to become involved in the Womanthology project with Renae De Liz and IDW Publishing. I became an editor, designer and contributor to the Womanthology Sketchbook. I was asked to be an artist and colorist for the Womanthology: Heroic Graphic Novel for other creators including Gail Simone. I contributed to the Womanthology: Space follow up book as an artist and was a guest on several panels and book signings at conventions like Pacific Pony Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Expo, Comikaze, Wondercon and San Diego Comic Con.

My latest projects include: illustrating the retailer incentive covers for My Little Pony comic book for issues 21,28, 32, 36, 38,43 and 56 for IDW Publishing and creating the online persona of Lacey Boggs Voice Over Superstar!!! for Lisa Biggs, a well known voice over artist.


Interviews, Tradeshow Panel Videos and Other Signings (may not be up to date)

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Career Day
Saint Joseph High School 2018

Equestria LA 2017 Guest of Honor

Equestria LA 2017 How to Draw Ponies (Kids panel)

Equestria LA 2017 How to Make Your Own Comic Book

Equestria LA 2017 IDW Artists Panel

Monsters and Other Scary Sh!t Book Signing at The Comic Bug October 4th 2017

Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2017 Guest of Honor

Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2017 Lets Art with Mary Bellamy

Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2017 Episode and Drawing with Mary Bellamy

Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2017 Kids and Family Pinata with Andrea Libman

Long Beach Comic Expo Girl 2017
Scout Merit Badge Workshop

Monsters and Other Scary Sh!t Kickstarter Kickoff Party Hi De Ho Comics

Saint Joseph High School Career Day 2017

Pacific Pony Con 2017 Guest of Honor

Pacific Pony Con 2017 Spotlight on Mary Bellamy

Pacific Pony Con 2017 Comic Artists of IDW panel

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 Kickstarters vs Self Funding Panel Podcast

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 Girl Scout Merit Badge Workshop

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Girl Scout Merit Badge Workshop

San Diego Comic Con 2016 The Art of Business Podcast

Sailor Moon Animate 2 2016 Animation Project

Free Comic Book Day 2016 Los Angeles Public Library

Saint Joseph High School Career Day 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Empowering Diverse Voices in Comics

Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Girl Scout Merit Badge Workshop

Alice: 150 years of Wonderland Art Show Meltdown Comics August 2015

199X Gallery Show at Meltdown Comics July 2015

Saint Joseph High School Career Day 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Womanthology Signing

Free Comic Book Day 2014
A photo of me from Pop Culture Maven

WonderCon 2012 Womanthology Panel (video)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Comikaze Expo 2012 Womanthology Panel (video)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Emerald Knights Womanthology Signing 2012

Women of Wonder Day 2011

Girls Drawin Girls Book Signing Jan 22 2011 Sugar and Spice Vol 3 at Meltdown Comics

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Bleeding Cool Interview (video)
[here] I'm at 4:06...

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Comics on Comic Con (video)
[here] I'm at 1:06

Girls Drawin Girls Bitter/Sweet: A Valentines Show Feb 12 2010

Girls Drawin Girls Artshow Interview (video)

Doo Dah Parade 2010: Girls Drawin' Girls

Hyaena: Halloween Art Show Girls Drawin' Girls October 2009

Wonder Woman Day 2009

Girls of Summer: Meltdown Gallery presents “Girls Drawin Girls” Aug 15-30, 2009

Pasadena Chalk Festival June 2009: Girls Drawin' Girls

Studio 806 Gallery Show Girls Drawin' Girls: March 2009 [Photos here]

Too Hot for Nickelodeon Girls Drawin' Girls Feb 2009 [Photos]

Website Interviews and charity projects
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