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                Update: September 25 2012   

Welcome to my custom artwork sales page!

I currently am available for both commissions and freelance work.

Commissions are for pieces of work, like artist trading cards and digital artwork pieces. Freelance work entails professional work for commercial projects like animated demos, pitch packets, character designs and graphic design work.

Payment: At this point in time I have switched over to Paypal for payments. I no longer take mailed in checks/money orders or cash. This is just easier and safer for me and all parties involved.

Estimated completion for comissions: At this time there is a few days waiting for artist trading cards and up to a week for digital comissions depending on complexity. You will be given a window upon accepting your commission.

Artist rights: I will retain all reproduction rights to images created for commissions. This means that I can use the artwork created for you for books/prints or other merchandise unless explicitly agreed otherwise. If your commission features a character you own, I will not take the rights of the character from you. It will remain yours. I am only using the image created.

Commission Information for Artist Trading Cards:

Personal Sketch Cards (Not on professional company stock paper.)
$15 per card. (Shipping is free in USA only.) Example below.

Professional Sketch Cards (Done as a licensed artist for a company.)
Prices vary by each company and set.

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Cards
Marvel's Greatest Heroes/ Avengers $40 per card (Shipping is free in USA only.)

Breygent Marketing
Transformers ATC $30 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Dead World ATC $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)

Sheena Queen of the Jungle $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Manga Mandy $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Galaxgals Eradication INC $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Josie and the Pussycats $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Ninja High School $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)
Cherry $25 (Shipping is free in USA only.)

Commission information for Digital Commissions:

I am available for various forms of digital commissions. These are commissions created in Photoshop such as pin ups, posters, icons etc. You will receive only a high resolution image for standard commissions and icon sized images for LJ/Avatar images. No cds/prints will be mailed.

All prices below are rough estimates. Details/backgrounds and multiple characters increase the price. Contact me for more information.

Rough drawing of a single character (digital sketch) $ 25
Digitally inked drawing of single character $ 45
Digitally colored drawing of single character $ 60
Digital bust commission (full color shoulders upward) $20
Simple character design (front back side flat colors) $100
Character packet (turn around, 6 expressions 6 mouth positions) $350
Livejournal/Avatar Icon $15

Misc commission information:

Traditional Badges $20
Traditonal bookmarks/keychains $10

Freelance work:
I am available for pin ups, covers, short comic stories and more. I've designed characters for potential TV series and more. If you're interested in a commercial venue for my work please contact me for pricing and contract information.

Thank you for checking out my page!