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Zorilita is one of my series that will be getting it's own graphic novel sometime in the future. I hope to do even more with it. These are all concepts of the characters and will change from image to image via the Japanese concept of drawing the same character in many ways.

Zorilita™ Supporting Characters

Elianna Bunny Elianna Flat Elianna Swing Away Elianna Born to Fight Bunny's Hair Dilemma Bunny Flat
Bunny Kimono Bunny Dead Somia Flat Somia Raver Somia tag Somia Fairy
Rainbwice Packs Heat Updated Rainbwice Flat
Rainbwice Valentine Sucks Rainbwice Eww Malika Flat Malika Angry Malika and Jamal Zorichan's Angels Bethany Goth 02
Bethany Goth 01 whitreinmagic White Rein Angry White Rein 4 White Rein 5 Zora Ziru Ouchie Zora Ziru Chibi Ziru Soulless Puppet

Supporting characters from the Zorilita universe.





Pinup Girls and Misc. Characters
Mop Newer Youngest SisterTea3 Deliliah V-day Darcy Dancelotus Cardimum Honey Diedra Step Girl Angel's God Machine cameo Jerri flat Happy Halloween 2006 Angel Full Mary School Age Lil Mary

Various images of characters that do not as of yet have their own defined seies or characters from comics that have been published but have not had as large a presense on the internet.

Animated Gifs.
Zori walking fast Zori Kitsune walking ZoriDNA walk Jerri dance Jerri Panicking
Some animated gifs of some of my girls.